Gabe is an Austin Texas based videographer who has filmed for many notable artists such as Kid Tsu's "AirSpace" Music Video as well as asa wya's "Redbull Song" Music Video. He has also filmed for local artist Reese Money for his song "lets do it" as well as 1400Huncho's song produced by 1400Frenchie "IMARIDE". He has also filmed and edited videos for fraternities around Texas including Waka Flaka Flame as well as Rich The Kidd. Gabe has built up quite the portfolio in late 2023, working with various artists and expediting production.

First collaborated in November 2021 aiga


5Speed Garage


5Speed Garage consists of two members, Ryan Kirk and Sebastian Snider. Sebastian and Ryan have made a name selling, fixing, repairing and modeling cars. as of 2024, 5Speed Garage has had over 2 BMW E36s', a 92' BMW 532iT, a 95’ BMW 325i, a 99' Miata MX-5 , a BMW Z3, and many more brands and vehicles including 2 Honda Ruckus mopeds. 5Speed Garage are drifters and drag racers who model themselves after the idea of cars being the center. Both Sebastian and Ryan attend Texas State where they have since began their separate degrees while maintaining focus on driving long distances in flashy vehicles. aiga